Buddy “Find Me”

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After working together on the Logic “Teaser” and Logic music video “Black Spiderman”, director Andy Hines approached Nocturnal FX with the idea to have a car soar amongst the clouds.

Once given the perfect single reference photo, Nocturnal FX immediately went into action building a complete 3d environment with every cloud custom made.

Behind the scenes coming soon.

  • 19 May 2017

  • Artist:


  • Director:

    Andy Hines

  • Production Company:


  • VFX Company:

    Nocturnal FX

  • VFX Company:

    JR Strickland

  • Houdini Artist:

    Aboubakr Boukhari

  • Composite:

    Paul DeNigris

  • Additional VFX:

    Kawika Banis, Paul Rennick, Alex Dinh, Max Blum