Big Sean “Light”

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Big Sean and director Lawrence Lamont wanted to create an emotion piece for Big Sean’s song “Light”. One of the central aspects in creating this is a beam of light coming down from the sky.

Nocturnal FX created the 3 dimensional light beams that had to be custom tailored for each shot. Nocturnal also created the gunshot flash and smoke to drive home the story.

  • 5 May 2017

  • Artist:

    Big Sean

  • Director:

    Lawrence Lamont

  • Production Company:


  • VFX Company:

    Nocturnal FX

  • VFX Supervisor:

    JR Strickland

  • Co-VFX Artist:

    Kawika Banis

  • VFX Artists:

    JR Strickland, Kawika Banis, Paul Rennick