Big Sean “Jump Out the Window”


Big Sean’s song “Jump Out the Window” has a fun and vibrant feel to it. Once director Lawrence Lamont finalized the idea of turning Big Sean into a video game character, the wheels begin to spin.

Lamont reached out to editor JR Strickland, also the founder and VFX Supervisor to take on the project. Nocturnal FX oversaw all aspects of the video. Nocturnal created the “Poof of Smoke” effect that sent Big Sean into the video game. Nocturnal also added a destroyed phone and tv replacements. A relationship with the animation house, 3dar, was also formed. Nocturnal prepared concepts as well as assets to the animation house. With all departments working together, the result is a music video many are praising.

  • 7 May 2017

  • Artist:

    Big Sean

  • Director:

    Lawrence Lamont

  • Production Company:


  • VFX Company:

    Nocturnal FX

  • VFX Supervisor:

    JR Strickland

  • VFX Artist:

    JR Strickland, Kawika Banis, Aboubakr Boukhari